Facility Management Industry Expands via Tesis Yönetim Exhibition

The most prominent representatives of the Facility Management Industry will come together at Facility Management Services, Products and Technologies Exhibition at the largest exhibition venue of Eurasia.

Facility Management Exhibition, supported by TRKTYD – Facility Management Association and organized by Tepe Trade Fairs aims to improve the communal living standards, will be the meeting point of industry professionals with its easy access and central location advantage.

Facility Management Exhibition, aims to meet needs and raise the quality of life of collective housing units, workplaces, factories, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment centers by offering the latest technologies, products, services and solutions to visitors. The exhibition will enable the measurement and management of these fields and contribute greatly to the economy by uniting industries that support one another.

The exhibition supported by TRKTYD and organized by Tepe Trade Fairs, will provide a chance for the sector, which has been developing fast in the last 10 years, to unite and grow together under one roof.

Facility Management Exhibition will host the future trends in Facility Management, Industrial Services and Technologies and offer a business development platform for all the professionals of the industry.

The exhibition, supporting the transformation of the Real Estate Industry; hosting many technological services including elevators, security, cleaning, heating and cooling, smart building solutions and softwares, will be organized with the concept of “Everything under one roof” and offer comprehensive and professional solutions for all needs of the sector.

Seminars and events informing the visitors about the latest developments and investment choices with the aim of protecting and developing quality standards defined by the Urban Facility Management Association will be organized during the exhibition.

We invite you to take your place at the great meeting of the industry Facility Management Exhibition.

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